Our Mission

millerostock is about beautiful quality fashion, but it does not have to be at the cost of the environment or those who manufacture it.

As consumers it is important to make informed choices, which is why millerostock wants to make sure information about her products is available. millerostock also takes her consumer choices seriously and so by supporting the suppliers who are doing the right thing she is leading by example.

The beautiful millerostock products are manufactured with companies who have the best certifications available. This means that strict environmental regulations are complied with. It also means that the workers are treated ethically and enjoy a safe and healthy work environment.

By purchasing products that are manufactured under the strictest international environmental regulations and occupational health and safety standards we can all help to direct industry towards ethical and sustainable practices.

The maintenance of clothes affects the environment more than the production of them. Research has shown that the size of your T-shirt's carbon footprint depends on how frequently it is washed, and the manner in which it is washed and dried. millerostock designs do not have to be washed so often and recommends a cool hand wash and also drip dry instead of tumble dry.

The scarves are age-and size free and freshen up customers’ existing clothes. The designer also incorporates slow fashion and she hopes her well thought out designs will last more than a season. Fast fashion causes overconsumption, which costs many resources.

millerostock encourages people to be creative with their wardrobe and reinvent current outfits by styling them differently with scarves and accessories.

millerostock has been inspired to take action and ensure that her products are made according to the strictest international regulations. Now millerostock hopes to inspire others to make conscious consumer decisions.